Training Classes for Share Market

    1. Basics & Fundamentals
    2. Technicals
    3. Futures & Options
    4. Commodities (MCX, NCDEX)
    5. Forex (Currency)

    Tips & Recommendations for Investment

    Software - Based on Technicals for Analysis of

    1. Equity Shares
    2. Futures & Options
    3. Commodities  (MCX, NCDEX)
    4. Forex (Currency)

    1.Central Govt Part Time Work (3cr. project) Monthly Salary + Bonus + Commission (Gifts + Ren.Comm extra)    Retirement in 7yrs + Pension 14 yrs.   If You are Interested Pl register Cell: 98490 56589

    Demo Daily eve  4.0 p.m at Himayathnagar   near TTD  Hyderabad 

    Bank Jobs, Central Govt Jobs, Mutual Fund Manager Jobs depends on your Performance , Worth, Skillness     

    2.Share Market Profits & Losses

    Equity, F&O, Commodities, Currency

    Profits : Un Limited  Loses: Limited  How? 

    Solution Stop Loss Only Coaching is Available on Live Markets through Software Cell: 98490 56589

    3.Live Trading Calls Coaching through Software

    Only Buy Or Sell Choose

    4.Marketing Jobs ready

    Demo + Appointments on Jobs / Marketing Executives Opportunities (Un Limited)

    (Bio Data / Resume  + Photos 2  + Pancard Xerox +  Bank Passbook 1st page with photo Xerox copy)

    5.We do Pending Accounts and also Normal accounts Part time or Full Time through Software for Rice Mills + Par Boiled + Traders etc., Gv Satyanarayana 98490 565 89

    6.We have Rice Mills Software Which is useful for Par Boiled & Traders for Accounting purpose. The Software is easy to operate. For Demo Pl Call GvSatyanarayana          98490 565 89

    7.Share Market Services ex:Nominee name change of Certificates & Duplicate of Shares etc., at reasonable charges 98490 565 89

    8.Project Work in Share Market  ex: M.B.A & M.Com Students 98490 565 89

    9.Share Market Classes Short Term, Long Term Equity, F&O, Commodities, Currency, Basics, Fundamentals, Technicals,Theory,Practicals, Live Markets. 98490 565 89

    10.Secondary Market Reasonable Brokerage & Justify Brokerage

    11.Commodities 3days Class at Chaitanyapuri April 19th,20th,21st Sat,Sun,Mon with Lunch & Study Material

    19th Saturday MCX, NCDEX Basics, Fundamentals

    20th Sunday Technicals

    RSI,MACD, Histogram, Bollinger Bands,Stochastic,DMI,E Bull, Parabolic SAR, Over Bought, Over Sold etc.,

    21st Monday MCX, NCDEX Live Markets with software

    Gv Satyanarayana 98490 565 89




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