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Education Opens up the Mind

Share Market Knowledge will help you make the right investment decisions & grow your finances.

What is Share Market


A stock marketplace, equity market or proportion market is the aggregation of consumers and dealers (a loose community of monetary transactions,
no longer a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also referred to as shares), which constitute possession claims on groups; these might also consist of securities listed on a public inventory trade, as well as inventory this is simplest traded privately, inclusive of shares of personal businesses which are bought to buyers through equity crowdfunding structures. Investment in the inventory marketplace is most often finished via  stock brokerages and electronic trading systems. Investment is generally made with an investment approach in thoughts.


G.V Satyanarayana has an experience of 30 years in share market field and will guide you with all his experience


Practical knowledge of the trainer. Regular income from dividend, Returns will beat inflation & tax structure, Shares are readily cashable like an investment in gold, Easy to manage 


There are many ways to invest in the stock market starting from Mutual Funds to Shares in a Company. Foreign exchange, commodities, sap. Etc. We will teach you in detail which is the best investment options for each individual even If his/her investment is ranging from ₹1000 to ₹100000.G.V Satyanarayana has an experience of 30 years in the share market field and will guide you with all his experience. That supply and demand help determines the cost for each security or level of share market, bid and ask are two different exchange, for a good trade to leave money about how to invest by attending demo & get more profit.

I am Confident that I will Clear the Exam if I prepare well. Teaching in the class was very good like Spoon feeding to us. Quite Impressive, learnt a lot. hope to be informed about such training programs going forward in future.
The training is very satisfactory and useful for beginners. Skills of the trainer are extra ordinary. His training was so useful and informative, I appreciate his awareness and mind thought. Good for people to grow the knowledge of trading of Commodities and technicals.